I have had my ham radio license (WØPGK) for 13 years, and have always had a mobile station installed on my vehicles. Over the years, I have upgraded both my vehicles and my radio equiptment. Today I am driving a 2008 Jeep JK Rubicon and running a Kenwood TM-D700. I really don’t have a step by step here, but I can post what I have done, with photos so you can get an idea on how to install it on your own Jeep.

To start with, I will show you the center console. You can see that I ran an external speaker up here since the unit speaker is under the seat.

I placed the ham radio mic to the left, which is still easy to reach

I extended the mic cable with a RJ45 connector

I located the the radio base unit under the passenger seat. I would like to change this in the furture as this has no water proofing if I ever get into water deep enough to reach this.

As for power source, I have one lead connected to the battery.

I run that power lead through the firewall through a well know access hole next to the door

The power is connected to a Automatic power switch that power everything down 10 minutes after the engine has been shut off.

The power is then routed to a distribution block which connects the GPS, phone changer, CB radio and ham radio.

As for the mentioned GPS, I have it up on top of one of the A pillers tucked away and out of sight.

Note, that everything uses Power Poles which makes connecting power lead extremelly easy. These are not required, but recommmend.